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Casa Particular

A family home

Staying in a Casa Particular is a uniquely Cuban experience, that is replete with authenticity. Casas Particulares give you the opportunity to stay with a local family, eat local Cuban delicacies and learn about Cuba’s storied history from Cuban people themselves.

What is a Casa Particular

In Spanish, ‘Casa Particular’ literally means ‘private house’. In Cuba, ‘Casas Particulares’ refer to family apartment homes in which owners rent out a part of their home to guests. This is not to say that there is no privacy, however, as renters often have a designated/separate part of the house to themselves. Families are often present to help you should any problems arise, or even just for a chat; breakfast is always included and is a great opportunity to get to know your hosts, should you so wish.


In smaller communities, you will be able to choose between standard and premium casas, with the latter guaranteeing a slightly higher level of quality. In large cities like Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, you can also book deluxe Casas, which are comparable to small boutique hotels and offer a great level of comfort for travellers. Despite the high demand, we will try our utmost to book Casas that are right for you, subject to availability. As all Casas are handpicked specifically by us, you can be sure of the best offers on Casas when booking with Cuba Buddy.

How well equipped are the Casas particulares?

Generally, two travellers will be allocated per room. Each room usually has its own bath and most will have air conditioning. Usual rules regarding cleanliness apply to your stay at a Casa and the overnight rate always includes breakfast. At the majority of Casas, it is possible to book an evening a meal too.

What is a deluxe Casa Particular?

A deluxe Casa is a Casa Particular which we believe represents a step up in quality in one or more ways, and will make your Cuba trip that bit more special. In each location, there are additional differences with regards deluxe Casas.

In Havana, we have many unique Casas Particulares which certainly sit within the finest level of luxury. Colonial houses which send you into a time machine the moment you enter the entrance hall are designated deluxe Casas, as are those with beautiful roof terraces right in the centre of Havana Vieja and those that feature swimming pools with beautiful sea views. We will happily discuss all possibilities with you and together we will find you the perfect Casa.

Examples of Casas in Havanna

Havana - Standard Casa

This Casa is located in the beating heart of Cuba’s capital. If you want to be plunged straight into the bustle of Havana’s city streets, this Casa is located just minutes away from restaurants, bars and lively squares. The most important attractions are also fairly nearby, as well as the Malecón. The Casa features 7 bedrooms with en-suites. Despite the central location, the neighbourhood is extremely quiet, allowing you to easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Havana - Deluxe Casa

This villa was built in the 1920s and combines the contemporary with the traditional. In its elegant, tastefully designed rooms, there is something for every guest. The rooms are marked by specific themes, such as music, poetry or dance, and they are decorated accordingly with photos, colours and artwork. The impressive entrance hall, which can also be used as a place of residence, is also a gallery with a variety of displays. Outside, this deluxe Casa features an idyllic covered terrace with a countryside view – a peaceful contrast to the liveliness of the city. Located in the quarter of Vedado, the deluxe Casa finds itself in the centre of all the worthwhile venues, restaurants, theatres and bars. The famous Malecón is located just 4 blocks away.

Havana - Deluxe Casa

This deluxe Casa offers a unique experience, designed specifically for your relaxation with its standard, panoramica and superior rooms for two, decorated in a colonial style. When not exploring Havana, you have the chance to relax in the private garden or on the terrace, taking in the panoramic view of the city. Due to its extremely central location on the Plaza Vieja, the city’s main attractions are all within walking distance.

Examples of Casas in Vinales

Viñales - Standard Casa

This Casa is located in a quiet, peaceful street, just a few minutes’ walk from the centre of town. Three tastefully-decorated rooms with private baths offer privacy and a calm atmosphere. The Casa impresses most due to its wonderful panorama over the Vinales Valley, which can be enjoyed from a comfortable rocking chair on the roof terrace. Meals are prepared daily by the landlady, featuring ingredients grown on the family farm. As the Casa is located near to the owner’s family, it offers a pleasant and lively family atmosphere in which guests feel truly welcome. From a veranda at the front of the house, you can observe the hustle and bustle on the narrow streets adorned with brightly coloured houses.

Examples of Casas in Trinidad

Trinidad - Standard Casa

Welcomed with a cocktail, you enter this late 18th-century house. Well-preserved antique furniture, assorted paraphernalia and colonial architecture transport you back to a long-gone era. Additionally, one can find a veritable collection of age-old electronic devices dotted about the house such as radios, telephones, grandfather clocks and television sets, with every device miraculously still working to this day. The owners, 5th and 6th generation descendants of Don José (a friend of Cuba’s first President), pride themselves on providing a personable and guest-friendly atmosphere in their home. The Casa features 2 en-suite bedrooms, each with two double beds. Thanks to its central location, only one block away from Trinidad’s historical centre, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the action from the moment you step foot on the streets. The famous Plaza Mayor and the Parque Marti are also in the immediate vicinity of the Casa, located just metres away.

Trinidad - Deluxe Casa

This deluxe Casa in the heart of Trinidad is situated in a quiet pedestrianised area within walking distance from all the central locations. This restored colonial building with a central courtyard was renovated by the owners and their architects and often impresses with its tasteful, expensive furnishings which fuse both colonial and modern styles together A delicious and varied breakfast is served every morning in the peaceful, central courtyard which also serves as a space to unwind after a day of exploring. During the evening, sit back in a rocking chair with a nice glass of wine and see out the evening with a sigh.

Examples of Casas in Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos - Deluxe Casa

Located at the southernmost point of ‘La Punta Gorda’, this Casa is ripe with atmosphere with its close proximity to the sea and a host of plant species right on its doorstep. The villa boasts a splendid panorama of the sea and the mountains with a small private jetty jutting directly into the sea. The casa features 3 brightly-decorated rooms, each with a terrace and hammocks facing out to sea to all but guarantee relaxation. Delicious, freshly prepared food made with local ingredients is served in the in-house restaurant with some of the ingredients home-grown.

Cienfuegos - Standard Casa

This Casa, located in the centre of Cienfuegos, impresses with its colonial architecture and meticulously-designed interior. Lavish rooms with high ceilings can be found alongside elegant archways, and everything is decorated with a fusion of classic and modern influences. Each room is devoted to a specific theme and decorated accordingly, with each housing up to 4 people. There is also a spacious inner courtyard decorated with impressive murals, doubling up as a space to relax or enjoy a delicious meal. Thanks to its central location all the city’s main attractions are a stone’s throw away, meaning you can spend even more time enjoying the beautiful Cienfuegos.

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