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Activities in Cuba


The four tobacco-growing regions of Cuba are renowned for producing some of the world’s finest tobacco. Tour the family farms, see the production process in action and witness generations of know-how first hand.

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Coffee plantations

For the Cubans, coffee is a way of life. Pay a visit to one of the country’s many coffee plantations, small farms or traditional Cafés to discover the production process and savour the delicious, local blends – Cuban style of course.

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Beach holiday

As the largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba is home to over 300 beautiful beaches, each one of them a picture-perfect paradise where you can lie back and relax, with music in your ear and a mojito in your hand.

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Cast off into the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean aboard your very own catamaran, with an experienced skipper at the helm should you wish. Cuba’s coastline is lined with sandy beaches and tropical bays for you to explore.

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Horseback riding

Get a feel for the real Cuba from horseback. No matter your experience or ability you too can saddle up and ride out to take in some of the breathtaking landscapes that Cuba has to offer.

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Cuban classic cars

Classic cars are an essential part of Cuban culture. Lovingly maintained by their proud owners, these cars are often handed down through the generations. A classic car tour offers an authentic Cuban experience and is not to be missed.

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Cuba is a paradise for water-sports fans, especially divers. Thanks to strong environmental protections and relatively low levels of human activity, the warm, clear waters are full to the brim with unspoiled ecosystems and exotic wildlife.

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Get closer to Cuba’s natural beauty and hike some of the island’s many trails. With an array of different landscapes and terrains, you can stroll through the rolling countryside with a guide or take on a more challenging mountain track.

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Cuba activities

There are countless activities in Cuba which can be undertaken. Whether you see yourself on a relaxing holiday on a sandy beach looking out across turquoise waters, a water sports-filled break with the opportunity to go diving, windsurfing, snorkelling or undertake a luxurious catamaran tour, or a holiday full of exciting activities on land such as cycling, horse riding or hiking, our Cuba holidays can be 100% tailored to your wishes. If you want a better idea of what activities in Cuba there are to do, you’re here at the right place our ‘Activities in Cuba’ webpage!

Best time to visit Cuba

For all those wondering when is the best time to visit Cuba, we have gathered lots of information about the pros and cons for each season under the section “Best time to visit Cuba”. In general, you can travel to Cuba all year round. If you ask around, everyone in our office will give you a different answer because every travel season has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Cuban cities

The towns and cities of Cuba offers everything a tourist could ever want. They feature an authentic culture and a wealth of history whilst still being modern locations, nestled amongst breathtaking countryside. Not only will you observe the Cuban way of life, but feel it with all your senses.

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