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We’re a tour operator that specialises exclusively in all things Cuba. We have a team on the ground in Havana to pick up on all the latest insider tips and find new and exciting opportunities for our travelers.


There’s one thing at the forefront of our travel experts’ minds – Cuba. Our aim is to organise the most amazing trip to Cuba possible for every customer. To achieve our aim, we take the time to understand what your dream holiday looks like and what’s important to you when traveling.

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It's Our Anniversary Too - Havana is 500 years old & Cuba Buddy is 5!

Since its foundation in 1519, Havana has been shaped by a long and colourful history. The island’s contrasting cultures mix here in the capital. With fascinating history and incredible nightlife, Havana promises the ultimate city break in typical Cuban fashion!
Despite constant changes since its foundation, the Caribbean metropolis hasn’t lost any charm or authentic feel.
Experience Havana’s 500 year anniversary with Cuba Buddy. Cuba’s calling!

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Few people know Cuba like our team of local experts in Havana. They’re a trusted source of local knowledge and insider tips to help you to get the most out of your trip.


We plan all of our trips individually, to find the one that fits you best. Our experienced and dedicated team are on hand to discuss options and help craft your ideal holiday.


You can relax during your time in Cuba, safe in the knowledge that everything you have booked through us in insured and protected. A little peace of mind goes a long way.


Creating authentic experiences is part of our commitment to Cuba. By involving local people at every step of the way we make sure to give something back to this incredible country.

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Cuba Buddy: For Personalised Cuba Holidays

Your Cuba holidays await you! If you are thinking of traveling to Cuba, contact us to start organising your ideal, personalised Cuba holiday with the help of our dedicated Cuba travel specialists. Let our team know what you enjoy doing most when on holiday and they can tailor their travel proposal to meet your needs and wishes. Do you prefer relaxing at the beach, cycling in the mountains, discovering underwater-life in the Caribbean Sea or exploring the culture and heritage of the countries you visit? Or would you prefer hiking amongst the palm trees, coffee plants and towering limestone outcrops of the Pinar del Rio? Our expert team are a great source for tips and insider secrets and you’ll be amazed by the sheer variety of things to do in Cuba. Check out our Buddy Tips and Cuba Guide for ideas of things to include in your Cuba travel itinerary.

Cuba Tourism

A holiday to Cuba is an experience like to other. First of all, it’s a time-warp island whose geopolitical isolation has led to a fascinating and very different way of life being preserved. From the separate Cuban tourist currency to the carefully-maintained classic cars, you’ll encounter many very visible signs of Cuba’s socialist history. Of course, these aren’t just historical mementos: Cuba is one of the last remaining examples of somewhere you can still come face to face with 20th Century-style communist policies and culture. You’ll often feel like you’re stepping back in time into another world, conjuring up the look and imagery of the Cold War, Che Guevara, and revolution. Cuba will always have that element of the historical exoticism, there’s no sense in denying it. There are few countries which our collective imagination romanticises like it does Cuba indeed this is an essential part of what makes a Cuban holiday such a unique experience. Booking a holiday with Cuba Buddy is the ultimate way to dive into this imagined world and discover it’s real face. You’ll find that this country can both exceed your wildest expectations, and yet profoundly challenge your pre-conceptions. With us, you’ll experience a more authentic side to this majestically beautiful island and her wonderful people. At the heart of our service is the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice authenticity and adventure in exchange for affordability or comfort. We have a proven track record of finding the right balance between all of these competing priorities and delivering excellent, tailor-tailor-made Cuba holiday packages for our customers.

Cuba Travel Advice: Things To Do In Cuba - And The Best Way To Do Them

Be sure to take advantage of all the information we will send you in preparation for your Cuba tour. Your ‚Cuba Buddy’ will take care of all the bookings and the organisation so you don’t have the bother yourself with the boring organizational aspects – instead you can concentrate on dreaming up your perfect holiday. We will ask for your preferences regarding hotels, transfers and activities in Cuba so we can personalise your trip as much as possible. We can also advise you on every aspect of your trip, from the best time to visit Cuba to the best things to do while you’re there. Cuba Buddy is here to help you embark on an adventurous, exciting and relaxing Cuba tour. For more detailed information about traveling in Cuba, be sure to check out our dedicated Cuba travel guide. It contains many pieces of helpful advice, ranging from the simpler things (which are annoyingly always the trickiest to remember when planning your holiday solo!) like making sure to bring enough cash with you to change into CUC once at the airport, to those concerning more complicated issues like vaccinations and medication.

Eure Kuba-Reise und Corona

Trotz der aktuellen Situation und der damit einhergehenden Einschränkungen und Veränderungen sind wir natürlich weiterhin für Euch da!

Wir stehen im ständigen Kontakt mit unserem Team in Havanna und beobachten die Lage. Sollte sich irgendetwas an der aktuellen Situation ändern, melden wir uns selbstverständlich bei Euch.

Bleibt gesund und bleibt Kuba treu!